The girl who believed she could change the world


There was this girl who was lost.
Lost in her own head and the world around her. Lost in her situation.
She spent months frantically searching for something to find meaning in, and eventually opened the bible that lay dusty on her shelf.
It changed her.

In that moment the girl felt just what it was like to be loved. She wanted to exude that love. She wanted to forgive with love. She wanted to love the sinner. It just took her time to realise that the sinner she needed to love the most was herself.

The girl started on a journey. One that would wreck her from the inside out. She knew it was going to be painful, but she could already see glimpses of beauty when she looked in the mirror. Her journey even took her to a different county, and back again. The journey made the girl see herself through God's eyes, and sometimes she didn't like what she saw.

The journey ended and the girl started to change. She forgave, she let all the hate out of her heart, and she learnt to wait.

The girl made contact. She asked for help. She built a community around her. She felt safe.

The girl could see the future, and it was shining bright.

The girl felt loved.

The girl is me.


Christine said...

beautifully written!

Mandee said...

This is amazing. I may need to write this and hang it in my office, just so I keep having faith tha I will one day be this new woman. xoxo

Rachel Marie Brown said...


As is your heart.

Don't ever stop being that girl.

I like her. I like her a lot. And I'm glad I know her.

<3 youuu

Camille said...

I came across your blog on pinterest. I love this poem about yourself! It's inspiring. :)

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