It's time to grow up......kinda

Finally, I'm back!
Seriously guys I'm so happy to be back. I'm sure, in fact I know, we have so much to catch up on.
What has been going on with you? If there is anything I need to read or know leave your link in the comments.
So, lets talk about how this new design came to be.
I needed a change, in life, and on here. I felt like I'd lost myself and lost the blog. I hated writing it, it makes me cringe to say this, but I was writing it to keep you here and eventually I begrudged you for that. Working over the summer meant I had the perfect opportunity to take a break, re-think what this space was all about, come up with something new, and learn to love it again.
I honestly think I had the best designer. Adriana from Horses of Ares was incredible. She really took the time to get to know me, and what I wanted this blog to represent. After our consultations I felt like I finally knew what I wanted to get across.
What do you think? Thumbs up?
I wanted this space to grow up. In the last 3 months I have grown up, and the blog needed to grow with me. If you don't already know I managed to get a job; in Holland. Tomorrow I get on a flight and move to a different country, to live with a family I have never met, and look after there children. I couldn't be more excited.
In the spirit of this new blog I took to social media and asked the question:
"What makes you feel like a child again?" These lovelies answered.

Erin @SweetnessItself “ummm Christmastime.”

Jessica @Jessicaebersole “sounds dumb but when my Mum took care of me when I was sick and excitement for birthdays.”
Natasha from Serenity You “My kids, and reading.”
Jen from Grits and Moxie “I still wish on shooting stars, and the first star I see at night. I even sing the song.”
Britt from Sunny Tales & Happy Mail “Well, speaking of Peter Pan and in the world of Neverland, then I would never be lactose intolerant.  My Peter Pan moment would be always being able to drink chocolate milk. I'd also be dressed in a tutu, dancing to "that's amore" over and over by Dean Martin, preferably in the rain or sprinklers.”
Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos “Listening to my kids laugh.”

This blog is going to represent the new me starting the life I've always dreamed of, and my Peter Pan side is coming with me.


brittany said...

helen, I LOVE love your new blog design and your fresh perspective! I am so excited for your new adventures in Holland. you are a brave woman! Thank you for letting us be a part of your re-launch! :) xo

Mia Sutton said...

Oh my goodness, Helen, I love your new look! It's amazing and awesome, just like you. xoxoxo

Sara Strauss said...

Love the new blog looks! It's clean but colorful and fun!

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