I'll be honest friends, it feels strange writing on this space again. I have missed you all, but I have been around, checking in, and keeping up on what you have been doing.

Most of you know that a completely new blog {I think the only thing the same is me and the name} is in the pipeline. This weekend it is all going to happen, so if the blog looks weird for a few days that's why.

Anyway, I was going to save my first post for the 'launch', but this is FAR more important.

When (in)courage were looking for bloggers to help raise $74,000 for Mercy House in Kenya I knew that this was far more important than my launch.

So here we are (in)mercy launch day and the beginning of phase 1.

So before you close the page and go off to read another blog. We are not begging for money. Yes of course if you have some spare cash this month to help this wonderful cause it would be greatly appreciated, but if all you can do is promote then that's great too. 

Phase 1 - $8750 for a new van.
Phase 2 - $8500 for a new classroom.
Phase 3 - $1600 for a new generator.
Phase 4 - $2150 for a computer lab.
Phase 5 - $53000 towards a second Mercy House home.

We're on phase 1, and we need another van because:

"Save time, fuel & keep it safer for transporting moms/babies. With 12 teen moms, 12 babies, 2 housemothers, a social worker, accountant/assistant and director, we have to make multiple trips to church, the doctor, and everywhere in between each week since our one van only seats 15. Our director, Maureen, commutes to Mercy House and is on call around the clock for expectant moms. With a second vehicle, we would be able to have one van always available at the home and a second free to run errands and take expectant moms to appointments. This would save time and fuel and make it safer for transporting our moms and their babies."

If you can donate the widget is on my sidebar, and if you can't there are some buttons you can share too.

It would be so amazing if we could raise this money by Christmas.

Have a great day.

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