Thriving in your twenties

What is it about thriving in your twenties that just seems so damn hard? Most days it feels like you are wading through mud. 
So you've left Uni, well done, you graduated. Now you just have rent, unemployment, and a dwindling social circle to deal with. OK, so I know it's not life that for everyone, but most, including myself, that is the harsh reality.

Despite all this I have enjoyed my twenties, so I'm only half way through and looking forward to the next 4.5 years. My twenties so far have consisted of me living at home, being on an extremely tight budget, and only working for a total of around 2 years. They have also given me the opportunity to live and work in Italy, meet wonderful new people who are life-long friends, know what is feels to have loved and lost, and get too the route of myself.

Darling Magazine have a great article on exactly this topic; in fact it inspired this post.

Most days I feel like I'm wading through mud, but getting muddy has always been fun.

A Royal Daughter

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Mia Sutton said...

I adore you. Seriously. I love your positive outlook on life... I mean, you've had struggles this year (understatement, I know) and yet, you still are so hopeful for the future and thankful and it's truly heartwarming to see. I know there are great things in store for you, my friend. <3

Sara Strauss said...

I'm definitely taking advantage of the fact that I'm in my twenties! I'm not a drinker or party-goer by any means, so I've take advantage of being young by going to grad school now, going into NYC to see new things with friends when I can, working part-time, and generally (trying to) be carefree.

Vanisha's Life in...Australia said...

I loved being 22. I keep saying that it was the best year of my life. I made huge mistakes, made great decisions and decided on the life I wanted and made it happen. I'm turning 27 soon and thirty is around the corner but I feel like life right now is pretty great! I am so proud of all you have achieved! We've only been friends for a while but I've seen you accomplish so much. I can't wait to see what you do with the next couple of years xoxox

Julie Murkerson said...

Ah. My twenties. Those were some fun years. I didn't go to school right after high school. I started working full time. I had some pretty darn fun times too. I'll admit, I did like to party a lot. But I've calmed down now. I'll be 32 later this month and I couldn't be happier! I'm about to graduate with my bachelors degree, I have a decent job and I still have a little party fun from time to time but it is much more tame than it used to be. :) Kudos to you for having a positive outlook on life, Helen! :)

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