Stepping Stones

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like they haven't had a weekend?

Last weekend was PACKED with shopping, visiting friends, taking people places. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but I feel like I need about 24 hours sleep.

Mum, Matt and I took the dog a walk yesterday, and halfway had to cross some stepping stones. As I was walking across I got to thinking that stepping stones are just like life.
You are stood on one stone and are prepping to move onto the next, and eventually they will get you to where you need to be.

My big stepping stone vision

Interview ----> Job ----> Money ----> House ----> Marriage ----> Family ----> ?

The little visions

Apply for job ---> Invited to interview ----> Prep for interview ----> Go to interview ----> Get the job.

What does your current stepping stone vision look like?

Mum was the last to cross and she got stuck. She just completely froze. 

That happens in life though. We all have situations, you might even be in one now, that we don't think we can deal with, or we don't know how to get out of. We have this fear that by stepping out onto the next stone we are going to fall in. Sometimes we might fall in, but the worst that is going to happen is that you are going to get wet.

Mum eventually managed to cross with me shouting encouragement and Matt taking her hand.

We simply can't cross all the stepping stones of life on our own. We weren't made that way. Whether it's God, your partner, family, or friends. We all need a cheerleader, and someone to take our hand. 

There will be stones that wobble slightly, one's that are scarily thin, and one's that hold firm. 
Letting go of the fear, and having the faith to step forward is what keeps us going. 

I pray sweet friends that whatever stone you are on, or whatever you are struggling with to step out onto the next one, you know there are people cheering you on. 

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Sara Strauss said...

This is a wonderful post! So true! We all need help to get through life now and then. Currently my stepping stone situation is: last semester of grad school --> graduate --> job seek --> land a job --> make money --> pay off student loans.

night owl said...

Thanks for the add on twitter. Hope you'll follow me on my blog and bloglovin as well. yea I always feel like the weekend goes way too fast.

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