Speed Date Saturday #4

Can you believe we've been doing SDS for a whole month, crazy right?
I am SUPER excited because today my Italian 'Mama' and 'sisters' are coming to the UK :) I won't get to see the girls, but I am most certainly meeting up with Sabina (Mama). I haven't seen them since November, and I can't wait. 

Next week is busy for me. It's my Mum's birthday, and I am packing to move to Oxford. I'm working down there over the summer at an International summer camp. Blogging will take a back-seat, but don't worry SDS will still be here every week. 

What are you going next week? Are you in summer mode yet?

So this week the accounts you are linking up are Bloglovin' and Instagram. Do you love Instagram as much as I do? If you don't have it, why not?!

The Rules

Follow your hosts:
They will always be the first few links, and will say {HOST} and {CO-HOST}.

Link-up profiles only:
No tutorials, giveaways etc.

Go and visit at least 5 of your fellow linkers.

Get linking. We can't wait to come and say Hi!

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and then, she {snapped}

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Vanisha's Life in...Australia said...

It's going to be amazing to be reunited for a bit. It's what we have to look forward to lovely - well, let's work on meeting first! ;)

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