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My Dad and I (yes, we're talking) just dropped Matt off at a car dealership. He has an interview for an apprenticeship there today. I think I'm as nervous as he was! He looked super smart though, and I couldn't be more of proud big sister. Whether he gets it or not I am proud of him and everything he has overcome to get there today. 

What provides you with most of your inspiration? I don't just mean blogging, think about everyday life too. What gets you through?

Music? Most people say that.
Then comes other people.
Ever thought about art?

This is something new you're going to learn about me, but I am an avid art lover.
I don't spend my weekends lurking around the dark corners in art galleries, but when I see a picture I think is  beautiful, wherever it may be, I have to analyse it. What is means to the artist, but most importantly, what it means to me. 
There isn't a specific genre I love either. I can appreciate it all in it's own way. 
I do have a soft spot in my heart though for modern art. Some pieces I just think 'what were you taking when you made that', but I still appreciate them. 
My thinking - someone put their time, effort, money, belief and faith into making this. The least I can do is try to understand it and appreciate the work. 

The pieces below are taken from my Art Lover Pinterest board.

What do these pieces mean to you?
How do they make you feel?

Source via Pinterest
Source via Pinterest

Source via Pinterest
Source via Pinterest
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