Getting Fit In Your Faith

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I'm sure you've heard me talk about how much a love it when my e-mails are 'faith filled'.

I subscribe to many Christian websites, and I love the quiet time and reflection an e-mail from them provides me with each day. 

One of  them even gave me the inspiration for this post.

If you've been checking out Instagram you will be well aware (sorry about that) that I have been on a fitness kick lately. Not a weight loss, but a fitness kick.
My behind has been high-tailing it to the gym most days.
I love my body in my own way I do, but  I want to feel better. More myself, and start to live a little. Originally I thought getting fitter was just for me, myself and I. 

I came across this article, and it got me thinking; should I be getting fit for God? 

So at the end of this post I want to hear your opinion on this. Do you agree or disagree with what I'm about to say?

We all agree that God has already decided the day we are going to die. I like to think it's all written in a big book somewhere, and no special eraser will ever be able to remove the ink. 

At first I was like 'so what if I eat junk food all day every day? I'm not going to die any quicker, because God has already written the date of my death.'

But then it's not about quantity is it? You can live the longest life imaginable and have never lived. It's about quality. The quality of life you live and in turn the quality of the things you put into your body. 

As 1 Corinthians says; "God has given us this gift of life, and we are to look after it." (6:19-20)

After reading this article I look at going to the gym in a different way. Instead of sighing because I was tired and couldn't be bothered. I look forward to going. I look forward to giving this gift I've been given what it deserves: health. 

"Some people survived the plunge over Niagara Falls. That doesn't make it wise." (John Piper)

This road is not going to be easy, I've walked it before, but faith never made things easy, just possible.

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Rachael said...

I think getting healthy in every way and being intentional to only fill yourself (your heart, mind, eyes, stomach, ears) with what is edifying and pleasing the Lord is the best way to approach life. Those are the true life giving elements that God will use for His glory. Blessings to you as you seek life each day and may He use each moment of your day to breathe His life in you on this journey! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

helen_eel said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment Rachael. I hope you have a truly blessed day.

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