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So, I was going to share a story about how a storm last week actually made me feel calmer and closer to God. Unfortunately I didn't write down what I wanted to say and now I can't remember #bloggerfail.

I was pretty stumped for today's post. I have an awesome one tomorrow, inspired by a cheeseburger, a heritage railway, and a massive dog; I know you're coming back for that one. It wasn't until I read a few posts today though, and thought these deserved to be shared that I knew it was time for another

My friend asked me for a list of classics I thought she should read after she saw this article. Do you have a tip that isn't on the list?

I love how despite what Amanda and her fella have been through recently she still seeks comfort in the Lord. How she asks for an intention through the wandering is something that personally connects with me.

UK ladies if you're like me and your hair gets greasy really easily El has found a brilliant bargain for you.

Natalia has THE best hairstyle ideas, and here are 15 of her favourites.

I can't wait to try Stephanie's Tex Mex Quinoa salad.

What are your favourite posts recently?

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