Beat the sugar slump

I don't know about you, but that 4pm sugar slump is a major setback for the new healthy lifestyle I've got going on.
I can literally get through the whole biscuit tin in one sitting. I have been re-training my taste buds because of this, and really kicking the afternoon cravings in the butt. 
Yesterday for instance. Mum and Matt had a sugared ring doughnut after lunch. They are my favourite ever sweet treat. I knew I wanted one, and was quite happy to go into my Weight Watchers weekly points for it, but I wanted to make the experience last.Yes, I count eating a doughnut as an 'experience'.
So, I waited until after dinner. Cut the doughnut in half, stewed some apples (0PP), cut up some strawberries (0PP), and sandwiched them in the middle of sugary deliciousness. 
Rather than just having a 7PP doughnut. I had a yummy dessert with 3 portions of my 5 a day; bonus!
What is your favourite sweet treat?

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