Into the archives

This is possibly my favourite prompt from the whole of this challenge. 
I never link back to old posts, bad blogger right?
We end up spending all this time taking pictures, editing them, and writing posts, all for them to be displayed for 24 hours and then forgotten about. 
Well today we're taking a look back into the archives at what we'v gotten up too.

We celebrated my 24th birthday, and now I'm heading towards my 26th.

We made Cantucini near Christmas, because it reminds me of my Italian 'family'.

You learnt just how talented some of my friends are.

The cute heart garland we made was perfect for Valentines Day.

You got a first glimpse of my book obsession.

I actually still wear the sailors knot headband we made.  

Vanisha and I did our couch talk sessions, and invited you to join in.

This is still one of my all time favourite sandwiches. You loved it too!

We made sure even the dogs were celebrating Christmas.

I treated you to the first printable I've ever created.

I forget how much fun we've had over the months. May it continue!


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