Five Fav's

I have 4. 4 blogs I read religiously .

These 4 have supported me since the beginning, and I am blessed to be able to call all of them friends.

If you love it here, you will love these beautiful ladies.

I know I've featured Trinity before, but she deserves another mention.
Reasons you should visit her: Read her blog and you know she has a sweet soul, get to actually know her and you realise just how sweet that soul is. She will make you roar with laughter at all the things her family gets up too. I've always thought ready Ramsay Grace was like reading your best friends diary (I wouldn't) without all the juicy bits.
NB: I went to look for links, and ended up reading for 20 minutes. This will happen to you too!

Christie is one of the bloggers who really helped me when I was finding my feet in faith again. Her whole family (including the new addition) has such a heart for the Lord, it is inspiring.
Reasons you should visit her: Their adoption stories are just the most wonderful things; I loved being apart of bringing their new baby girl home. There is always a giveaway or two going on. She also happens to have the kindest heart.

Out of all these Ladies I've actually known Vanisha the longest. We actually did a little project together a while back. She is constantly inspiring me to get out there, discover the world, not to let those little fears hold me back.
Reasons you should visit her: The relationship between her and her husband, Patrick, is just completely magical. She has a uncanny sense of style that I wish I could steal off her. She writes in such a eloquent way that you just want to carry on reading, and reading. Oh, and she takes the most beautiful pictures.

Now you probably know Kelly and if you don't, where have you been?
Reasons you should visit her: THAT smile. How could you not want to be besties with her? She eats healthily, but also enjoys life. Using her recipes doesn't make you feel like your on a diet. Her recipes. That's it. If you go to her site for nothing else, go for the recipes. Not only that, but she's a Tone It Up sister as well. 

As for a fifth blog; I don't have one.

I'm on the lookout to discover new blogs.

Comment with your link below, and I'll come and say Hi.

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Christie H. said...

Aww, thanks girlie!!! Love you and so proud to call you "friend"!

Vanisha's Life in...Australia said...

Thank you Helen, that is so sweet! Hope to meet you one day. Patrick.

Vanisha's Life in...Australia said...

Thanks Helen. I have loved watching your blog and our friendship grow. Here's to many more years of friendship. Much love, V xoxoxo

helen_eel said...

Here, here. Yay for Patrick #mademyday

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