What, do I do? What, do I do? What, DO I do?

So today's prompt is - If you couldn't say your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do?'

This is a hard one for me. As you all know, currently I can't answer with my job, because, well, I don't have one. Usually I just say unemployed. I don't even bring up this space that often, I know, smacked wrists.
Is that weird that I don't like talking about my blog?
I love this space, I love all of you, and I am SO SO proud of it. Talking about it makes me uncomfortable. I pour most of myself onto these pages, and sometimes it's raw. It can be hard to let people see that. It is hard to be rejected. I know I'm holding myself back by not living up to my strengths.

After thinking for what seemed like hours I came up with the answer. 


I am a dreamer. The crazy, unrealistic, dreamer. One of those who dreams of things, and never does them in reality. That is what I do. 

Sometimes I think it is the best place to be, and at others I have no clue in which direction I am facing.
I will always be a dreamer, it is in my nature. 

What do YOU do?

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Jennifer said...

being a dreamer isn't always a bad thing. I love daydreaming.

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