A picture of contentment

This is my favourite picture of me. It also happens to be the most recent picture of me; taken 3 days ago in fact.
I have no make-up on, no fancy clothes, my hair is simply pulled back, and it is taken on a phone. Still is it my favourite picture.

I look into this girls face and I simply see contentment. Sure I look into her eyes and I see a lot of things she wish she could change, but she also knows that it takes time.

I could have picked a photo from my Uni days, when all my friends were close by, and all I had to worry about was getting an essay in. I've changed since Uni though, in a good way. I've grown up, and despite my flaws, and my current situation; I love the woman I am today.

What do you see when you look at recent pictures of you?

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Mia Sutton said...

You look so happy in this photo, great to see that smile! :)

Helen said...

Thank You sweetie!

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