A day in cups of tea

Because I am always super late to the party, this post is super late too.

Why cups of tea instead of hour by hour? Well, I love tea, and my favourite magazine (The Simple Things) does an awesome 'my day in cups of tea' feature every month.
I thought I'd steal the idea, and give you a glimpse into my boring, but lovely day.

The story of an unemployed girl written by the teabag

8:30am - Morning fuel. French toast and tea.

10:05am - Desk job. Applications galore.

12:55pm - Break time. Slight procrastination with an episode of Game of Thrones too.

3:33pm - Back to work. Poser.

7:43pm - Bath time.

8:45pm - Relaxing. A couple hours of reading and my day is done.

What does your day look like in cups?
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