When Being A Blogger Is Least Important

I'm back!

This 11-day blogging hiatus has been just what I needed. I love you guys so much, but sometimes all a girl needs is to concentrate on herself and her situation.

I'm not going to go into details, as its mostly not my story to tell. You all know things have been going down the past 18 months, and well they all just came to a head. I am fine physically, mentally etc, just a little emotionally fraught.

You know when your being the rock for everyone else but there is no-one to be a rock for you? Yea, I've been in that kind of situation. The one positive to come out of this is that it has brought me closer to God. I talked to him all day everyday, and for the first time I could actually hear what he was saying to me, see where he was guiding me. To cut a long story short, I applied to be a social worker! It is something I have always thought I would be good at but then always dismissed. I don't know if I have an interview until June, so we'll keep our fingers crossed, right?

I've been planning this post for days. I wanted to explain to all of your what's been happening in my life, but I came to the conclusion that it's not my place to do that. I wanted to tell you how much I've been hurting and that I need help, but I didn't want it to be a downer.

I've brought myself out of those hurt feelings, thank goodness. Things I've read, or people have said to me have made me realise that the actions of one person do not define me. I am better than that. Better than their view of a fulfilled life. I am strong.

Do you know the one things that puts a massive smile on my face? It's mail.
I don't care what it is, but getting something simple like a card in the mail from a friend who, in most cases, I haven't met in real life just makes me feel loved.


So in the spirit of this love-in I'm opening up my life to even more pen-pals.
I would love to exchange cards, stories, pictures and memoires with you.
If you want to be BPPFE's (Best Pen-Pals For Ever ) :) Yes I just made that up and its kinda geeky, but wonderful all at the same time. E-mail me.

I can't wait to catch up with you!

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Julie Marie said...

I'm sorry you've been having a rough time. I definitely know that feeling of being everyones positive sunshine, when you need a little yourself. sometimes these moments ate good because they do force us to completely rely on the grace and wisdom of God...

Lindsey Leitner said...

Hope you are feeling better! I know how tough it can be when you have to be strong for everyone else! It is beyond exhausting!! Good luck and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get the interview to become a social worker!

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