Spring Posies

Fill your whole house with flowers for next to nothing.
Here's a simple tutorial for making your own Spring Posies. 

Buy flowers. I just bought £3 supermarket flowers.

Find a medium sized jar; jam jars work great and wrap in your favourite colour of tissue paper. I added some natural string round mine as well just to pretty it up a little bit more.

OK, now its time for the flowers. Cut the stems short enough so they will fit in the jars. 
Use your flower arranging skill and create little bunches of flowers. I managed to get two posies out of my original bunch of flowers, and I had around 7 stems in each posie. Tie the stems together with natural strong/raffia.

Fill the jars with water, pop the posies in and display.
They work best by a window so the sun streams through the tissue paper.

Spend this weekend filling your house with lots of different, vibrant and beautiful colours.

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Arni said...

They're so pretty. You've inspired me to buy fresh lovelies today. Have a beautiful weekend, Helen! :)

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