Pink Lipped Girl

This post has been on my heart a lot lately; most probably because I've been reading 'Pink Lips & Empty Hearts' by Heather Lindsey.

I don't wear make-up unless it is for a very special occasion. I have had terrible acne since I was a teenager, which even sensitive make-up flares up. From a personal point of few that little bit of cover-up just isn't worth it in the long run.
Consequently I didn't think I'd get anything out of Heather's book. I thought I didn't put on that 'face' so why should I worry about.

Anyway, I do put on a face, and a big one at that.
Are you like me and one of those people who changes their personality slightly depending who they are with?
The only place I don't do it and I am my true self is when I'm writing and talking to you.
It probably stems from acting, but I create these personas; characters if you like, and they are me it's just certain bits are heightened or dampened.

It became most apparent to me last week when I saw some of my Uni friends again at the wedding. I slipped back into the persona that I was 3 years ago. Looking back I do treat it like I'm playing a character in a play; completely rehearsed, and flawless.

I need to stop doing it.

If you are in the same position as me, or similar, lets do it together.

Write a list of the things you like define your personality and then ask your family, friends, even ask other bloggers how your personality is portrayed online.

Mark which traits you like and which ones just aren't you and you want to change.

When saying yes or no to decision ALWAYS be true to yourself.

Remember that there are some people on this earth that just won't like you, and that is OK. You can't please everyone so don't stress yourself out trying.

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Jess said...

These are such wonderful ideas- Yes, I often put on a "face" in front of people- often unintentionally, because I am nervous! It is something I am working on, though!

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