Linking up with Lauren for the first time for H54F.
I've seen my friend Jess link-up week after week. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do one!

This week I have been baking/cooking like crazy. I get stressed/bored/angry and I bake!
Recipe for these strawberry shortcake cupcakes coming up tomorrow.

Remember me mentioning how I'm really lucky where I live? Well here's a little proof why. Mum, Matt, Pups and I all went for a lovely, but extremely windy, walk.

Little bro got a car! So he may be 17 and not passed his test yet, but he paid for this myself. Jealous!

You may have seen my little announcement on Facebook ......I got an interview! It's on Tuesday (23rd) and I'm super excited. For part of the interview I have to teach and I've been preparing resources, Alice in Wonderland style.

This week saw the worst moment I have EVER experienced; I officially ran out of books :( How did this ever happen? All the books on my shelf I've already read!
Don't worry. I've already planned a book stocking trip for Saturday.

The giveaway is live until Sunday.
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Lindsey Leitner said...

Congrats on your interview! You will do great! And I can totally see the family resemblance of you and your little brother! Can't believe he bought his own car at 17! Amazing!

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