Getting Lost

I used to love it as a child when my Mum used to say 'lets get lost'. It meant adventure and the unknown; two things my imagination would run wild with.

It always used to happen on the way back from somewhere 'normal'; Grandparents, drama lessons etc. We never got lost very far from home either, Mum always found her way back anyway. Despite all this it was the most exciting thing that happened in my day. We might only turn down one road we didn't know, but we always came back home having learnt something new.

As adults we don't get the opportunity to get lost very often. How often are you out driving the same old route? I bet you never say to yourself 'I'm going to get lost'. The fact is there is too many other exciting/mundane things going on in this world that our attention gets taken away from those little bits of adventure.

Yesterday, on the way back from picking my little Brother up I turned to Mum and said 'lets get lost'. OK we didn't get totally lost and the sights we saw were some what familiar, but just for that moment the day changed. The route I thought we and it were going to take changed; it's that easy.
I don't know if I've ever told you, but I'm really lucky where I live. On one side I have the big bustling vibrant city of Sheffield and on the other the rolling green peaceful hills of the Peak District. We only have to drive a maximum of 30 minutes to get to either.

We got lost in the Peak District side yesterday, driving along country roads, up and up into the hills. It's beautiful isn't it? The majesty of nature. My breathe was literally taken away a few times. I love being out in the countryside; walking and exploring.

Whilst we were lost we planned another adventure. We're climbing Carl Wark on Monday, and we might even get lost on the way home.


Whilst your out driving today take an 'unknown' route home.
Order a different type of coffee.
Cook something unusual for dinner.

Change your route a little.

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