Working Girl

As I sit writing this I am working out just exactly how many months I've been unemployed for.

The answer's 8. 8 months of not working a single day. 

Some of you may be sat there thinking 'oh my goodness how amazing would it be if I didn't have to work for 8 months!'

The thought of it is fantastic, but the reality; not so much.

Anyway I didn't mean to start off this post being a self-pitying unemployment rant.

I got a job!

Well work experience. It counts right? After sending out many letters I've secured myself a months work experience in a local primary school.

This post serves as a warning.
If I don't post, my posts make no sense, or I take AGES to reply to you; I have worker brain.

Working full-time after 8 months of nothing is going to be hard. Add to that that fact that I've never been a full-time worker and blogger at the same time, I expect the next 4 weeks to be tiring, hard, crazy, moody, and utterly amazing.

My Mum bought me a quote card about 9 years ago and it still speaks to me now. As I was writing this I felt that its words might help one of you.

Whatever great adventures are happening in your life this month. Make it loving, faithful and happy, and just remember; don't quit, ever!
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Lindsey Leitner said...

Congrats on getting a job! Is work experience kind of like an internship or temporary position? I'm so happy for you!

helen_eel said...

Thanks girl!
Yea, its like an internship, so no money :(, but tonnes of experience :)

RamsayGrace said...

Trying to comment again....kept running into computer issues yesterday and was getting knocked offline....ergh! Just wanted to say how much I love this motivational quote! I'm thinking I need to keep a copy on my wall to remind and encourage me. I'm SO HAPPY about your job and know that you're going to do an awesome job! I'm praying that God has His hand upon you and will make this a joyful and peaceful transition! So glad you linked up with Tuesday's Prayers my friend!

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