Weekend Make - Cucumber and Almond Face Mask

I'll admit it.
It does't look like something you want to put on your face, right?
Do you also agree that looks can be deceptive?
Then promise me you'll try it.

Who doesn't love a completely home-made pamper session?

I don't what your skin is like, but mine is SUPER oily. This mask is perfect for combating it.

Here's why the ingredients are SO good for your skin;

Cucumber - reduces puffiness and redness. Make sure you are using it straight from the fridge to get all the cooling effects.
Almonds - are full of vitamin E, which is great for your skin. Using ground almonds in this recipe also acts as a abrasive.
Witch Hazel - is anti-inflammatory, moisturising, and can protect against sun damage!
Milk - contains vitamins A and D, as well as probiotics.

You'll need:
4 tbsp peeled and mashed cucumber
3 tbsp ground almonds
1 tbsp witch hazel tincture
2 tbsp organic milk, any type you normally drink.

Mix all ingredients together.
Leave on your face for 10 mins and wash off.

Go on, pamper yourself tonight.

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T.A. Wood said...

Helen, did you zero-in on my life? I was talking to a friend about wanting to try some sort of organic DIY face mask. I trying to cut down on expenses (isn't everyone?), but not sacrifice too much. DIY is the way, amirite? I had forgotten the conversation, but seeing this post reminded me! I'm now your newest follower and I'll be pinning this so that I don't forget. Feel free to stop by any time: http://penpaperpad.com. Aloha!

britt trevino said...

ok! i want to try this because i too, have super oily skin!! and that spoon is adorable!

helen_eel said...

Did you get to try it over the weekend?

helen_eel said...

Haha I knew someone needed this as much as me girl! :)
I hopping on over to check out your blog right now.

Have a great day x

Sushma Yadav said...

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