The Simple Things


I love this time of year. 
The sun starts shining through the sporadic flurries of snow.
Layers start to come off.
The morning dew is sparkling on blades of glass like diamonds.
Birds start singing.
The world becomes colourful again.
It is a time for renewal, celebration, and taking that big deep breath that makes the world seem right.
Closing your eyes and walking bare foot through long blades of grass.
Laughing with friends.
Making and wearing daisy chains as if you are the princess of Spring.
Rolling down hills until you are covered in grass stains.
Kissing in the rain.
Spontaneous picnics in the late evening sunshine.
Hours spent in beer gardens just soaking up the atmosphere.
Walks through the countryside.
Sharing good food.
Trying new things.
Running away from bees and wasps.
Waking up early just so you can see a new dawn rising.
Singing so loud people start to look at you funny.
Getting off work on time so you can go out in the sun.
Dreams of holidays start seem a little more real.
The morning light streaming through your window,
as you slowly rise to begin another day, enjoying:
the simple things.


Winter is the editor of Christ Centred Home Magazine.  I LOVE their website. Seriously, it's one of the reads that I know is going to uplift me every single time. You can even download the first issue of their magazine!

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