Living A Fulfilled Life

Last night I went to small group at church for the first time.
Now, believe it or not I am inherently shy, and I find it difficult to walk into a room of people I don't know.
So I got there and everything was fine, and we started discussing what had been said at Church on Sunday. 

I didn't say a thing. I whole meeting I just sat in silence and listened. 
Listened, because I knew what was being said was something I wanted to share with you.

Our discussion was based around John 10:10

"The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."

I've had a heavy heart for the past few days and it was only in that moment that I realised what the thief in my life is. Trying to blind me from my faith.

My thief is the importance I put on other people's opinions on me.

What's your thief in life?

You can overcome the thief's in your life sweet one, by placing your heart with the one who speaks the truth. Don't give your heart to a false sheperd, their aim isn't to glorify Christ, but themselves.

What is a fulfilled life?

I thought this discussion was really interesting, as I think we all struggle to understand what a fulfilled life is, never mind about living one.

Here's my take on it all.

Living a fulfilled life doesn't mean going wine tasting in California one weekend and scuba diving in New Zealand the next.
It is a completely individual thing. 
You can sit at home all day every day and still have had a fulfilled life, if that is what gives you joy.

To me a fulfilled life is:
Praising God and reading his word every day.
Connecting with people at church.
Having a job I love.

Your things may and probably will be totally different and that is OK.
I encourage you to write your list brave girl.

When I got home from small group my mind was full of ideas and I knew all I wanted to do was read further, and really form my own opinions. That is when I came across Luke 2.
Here the bible tells us the attributes Jesus was born with and that God's favour was on him.

"There the child grew up healthy and strong. He was filled with wisdom, and God's favour was on him." Luke 2:40

Then were encouraged to grow in these things in order to stay in God;s favour.

"Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and all the people." Luke 2:52

Look through Romans 13 and you are given guidelines for how to live a fulfilled life.

"Love fulfils the requirements of God's law." Romans 13:10

"Clothe yourself with the presence of Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 13:14

Find out what gives you a fulfilled life beautiful girl and don't let the thief's in your life steal that away.

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Lindsey Leitner said...

Great post Helen! I am not religious by this post still hit me hard. I would have to say I have the same thief. I worry too much about what other people think that it distracts me from doing the things I want and love.

Amy said...

You are wise beyond your years. I'm a new follower and visiting from the Aloha blog hop! I don't know how it happened but I've been sitting here for close to 20 minutes just reading! I honestly feel like I can learn so many lessons here! If I didn't have to get my daughter ready for preschool, I'd probably grab a cup of coffee and read for hours! haha

Amy @ Clippie Dips

helen_eel said...

Thank You so much for your comment Lindsey! Not let the thief ruin those things. I know its hard, trust me, but you are worth it :)
Have a great day.

helen_eel said...

Amy I cannot even tell you how much your comment touched my heart today. Come back soon! I'm heading over to your blog now :)

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