His Promise To You

I spent most of today just sat at my desk staring, wondering what to write here.

I have the ideas.
I was originally going to pose a new link-up idea to you all, but I'm not feeling it. Then there is always that recipe for mocha brownie bites I keep meaning to post, but that isn't it either.
I feel like there is something God wants me to say to you today sweet friend, but I'm not sure how to say it.

Yesterday was special for me, I felt something. Things happened yesterday that I couldn't have foreseen  but someone did; God.
I woke up, made 'proper' coffee, sat with my bible and read. Then listened to Moriah Peters whilst writing a blog post. In the afternoon Mum, Matt and I took the dog for a long walk. The evening ended with dad and I going out for a meal and a show.
All that sounds like a pretty packed and wonderful day. It was. The most wonderful thing about it though was that I couldn't stop smiling.

You all know how turbulent things have been for me over the past 18 months, and its been a long time since I genuinely smiled for no reason. Well yesterday, whilst listening to music and writing for you here I did. I smiled that genuine, infectious, hurts your cheeks kind of smile. During the walk I saw the beauty in everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I felt like someone had turned a light on in my world, lifted all the weight off my shoulders and allowed to to step into my future.

All this was amazing, but I didn't know why it had happened.

That is until this morning.

I was laid reading my Woman Alive magazine and came across the article 'God's Promise When We Commit'.

That's when I realised that things aren't happening in my life because I was taking the weight of the worry, and that is not meant for me. I needed to hand everything over to God and trust in his promise that his judgement and authority in my life is beautiful and true.

I hope you take something away from my story today sweet friend. I want to see that infectious smile spread across your face when you give all your worries to God.

I urge you beautiful girl to put everything into his hands. It really doesn't matter how big or small it is, he wants it all. You are so blessed to have his love. 
Be true to the Lord, and make sure everything you do is for him. 

Thank him for the amazing events and people he is putting in your life, you may not even know what these are yet, but trust me they are there.

Have a blessed day sweet friends.
God is good.
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Kelsey Eaton said...

So happy to see a big smile on your face! Love those days when things just click! :)

melaniekay said...

Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I look forward to reading more.

You can find me at meandmr.com

-Melanie @ meandmr.com

Lori Sherman Gray said...

Don't you just love when God flips that light switch?!
Keep smiling!

helen_eel said...

I do Lori! :) Thank You so much for visiting today.

Mandee said...

Glad to hear that you are smiling!

britt trevino said...

OH helen, i am so glad you had such a beautiful, smiling day!! this post of yours made me smile and made me go, WOW, because i do not cast all of my cares upon the Lord--here I am carrying weight, guilt, fear,etc. I love that you highlighted Proverbs 16:3..going to add that to my journal!!

helen_eel said...

SO glad I could inspire you with his words today Britt.
I Thank You for encouraging me in my walk with the Lord.

helen_eel said...

Thank You so much sweet friend x

helen_eel said...

Thanks Girl!

RamsayGrace said...

You have blessed me today with this post! I'm so glad that you feel His love, peace and presence my friend! Thank you for this great reminder that, even though we may not see it, He's working behind the scenes, planning those amazing events and people that will come into our lives! God is GOOD!

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