So we are back at the start of a new week.

Did you all have a good weekend?
Got anything exciting planned this week?

Can I also just ask where IS March going? Seriously we are halfway through the month already. In fact where is this year going. I feel like there is even less time to get everything accomplished.

If you hadn't heard Google Reader is finally going bye-bye's. This doesn't really matter to me, because I didn't use it anyway, I've always been a Bloglovin' gal.
For those of you who need a knew way to keep coming and saying hi, here are your options;

You can follow by e-mail too. Just enter your e-mail into the box on my sidebar.

I hope you choose at least one of them. I don't want to have to say bye to you.

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Natasha said...

I've award you a blog Award!! come and over and claim it -

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