Zesty Fish

This is a family loving fish recipe.

Like fish?

I promise you you're going to love this one.

It's yummy, cheap, adaptable, quick, super easy and low cal. Could it be any better!?

I've been a bad blogger lately. Not writing posts, and forgetting to take photos has been happening frequently over here. This time you get the blog post but no picture. Instead I am going to commit a cardinal sin and post the photo from Good Food magazine, linked back of course :)

If you follow the link you can go ahead and make the recipe with the crushed potatoes and peas. I served mine with a simple risotto and it was so good.
305 calories for fish, potatoes and veggies = calorie bargain. I sound like Hungry Girl - love that show!
I've made this twice in one week and even my not-keen-on fish brother LOVES it.
Try is out and let me know what you think.

What's your favourite fish recipe?

This isn't a usual pairing, but right now we're jumping from fish to jewellery, trust me its worth it!

Say Hello to Kimberly from Rubies and Whimsy.

You should totally go and check her jewellery out because its super cute! Kimberly was kind enough buy ad space this month, the monies are being donated here. There is something for everyone in her shop. Everything is hand stamped and you can even get a 48 hour rush - amazing! 
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Jennifer said...

That fish looks delicious!

Theresa Benoit said...

Yum! I eat a lot of fish, but it never looks this good. I usually sprinkle some Mrs. Dash and bake (over bake)! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm definitely going to try this out!

Holly McDonald said...

Hi Helen! We are the opposite of a fish family. The hubs and I both don't like it. Which I know, confounds most people. Oh well, the crushed potatoes and peas look delish though! =)

Thanks for linking up with my Oh HAPPY Day party!

gin said...

fish looks ddelicious! We eat all kinds of fish all kinds of ways. I'm visiting from Oh Happy Day blog hop!!

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