Weekend Make: Washi Tape Coasters

I hope you like the idea I've had for little weekend make tutorials. Who doesn't like to get crafty on a weekend?

You'll need:

1 part water + 2 parts PVA glue, mixed together
Washi tape
Cork coasters

How to:

Stick the washi tape on the coaster and fold down the edges.
Cover the washi tape with your glue mixture and leave to dry overnight.

It couldn't be simpler than that.

Perfect to do with children and it gives your home a quick update. Its super cheap too so you could change coasters to match your mood.

Mood matching crockery......I think I'm onto something there......

Have a great weekend!
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Lex LB said...

Cute craft idea! Where did you get your tape?

4 You With Love said...

Love these! I've used washi tape on tiles to make coasters..now I need to find some cork ones! ;)

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