Weekend Make - Party Bags

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I'm so excited to share these with you! You know how I've been saying I've been so busy lately and stuff has been stressing me out? Well this is why.

I've been making these party bags for my friends hen do, as a surprise for her and all the other hens.
When I was planning what would go into them I had 3 words; cheap, cheerful and creative. I had 22 bags to make and fill, being unemployed, cheap was definitely a buzz word. To keep them cheap I knew I would have to be creative too.

The worst thing. I had to keep them secret from everyone, even you guys! I'm rubbish at keeping secrets, especially good ones, but I did it.

There is no proper tutorial for these. I'm just sharing what I did and hopefully giving you some ideas.

Personalised stickers from Ebay.

Marshmallow Pops.

Mini Manicure Sets.

Hand-made Earrings.

This was what Mum and I were left with afterwards.

I'm here for the weekend and having a ball. I hope your weekend is just as magical.

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Shannon said...

Those are precious! Great job.

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