Spring Essentials

I apologise now for the state of the pictures in this post. For the first time I attempted to create transparent backgrounds. I had to create the collage in PicMonkey as I had have no clue how to do it via Gimp or Picasa - Thank You helpless tutorials. If anyone has any advice or a half-decent tutorial I would be eternally grateful!

Anyway, I love spring. It is 100% my favourite season. 
This year I love the colours Pantone has predicted for 2013. 


// Dress // Cups // Doormat // Bag // Paper Pom-Poms //

PS: Natasha @ Serenity You is hosting a giveaway. Win $40....in cash.....well cash via Paypal. Urm, hello! Wish I could enter, but I kindly donated :) Enter now!
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Anne Marie Morris said...

Spring is my favorite time of year as well. Luv that color palette! A new follower from Oh HAPPY Day Link Party & GIVEAWAY. Would luv if you could drop by my blog as well.

Anne Marie

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

I saw Pantone's colours awhile ago, and am in love with them too! It's so interesting how once we find out what they are.. they start popping up everywhere! Clothes, accessories, home decor...

I still have to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe though! That's for sure.


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