Nature Walks

Ahhhhhhhh bad blogger, bad blogger right here!

Hands up, posts have been secondary on my mind at the moment. Its my Nan's birthday today, my best friends hen do in a week, and on top of that I'm starting work experience in a school soon (more on that in another post, promise!)

So instead of a beautifully written and inspiring post I'm leaving you with pictures of nature.

Nature's inspiring though, so I'm sure you forgive me :)

I may live in a city, but we are extremely lucky that Sheffield is surrounded by the Peak District, which consequently equals beautiful countryside.

This place is only 5 minutes drive from my house.

Then we went to the park :)

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Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Nature walks are always fun. :) I love that last photo, parks are fun too! I still love the swings! :) hehe Also I LOVE your coat, super cute.

Im a new follower, found on My Life As Mindy's sidebar. ♥


kelly thompson said...

hi there- just saying hi and praying for you from the tueday prayer link up...hope your week is awesome!!
kelly from

Ashley Gault said...

Hello! Love your pictures, that looks like a peaceful place. I wish I had somewhere peaceful nearby, to just enjoy the quiet and the nature. New follower of your site, hope you're having a great weekend! =)
Make it

Miss C Flash said...

Wow, nature/countryside walks look very beautiful x

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