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A Royal Daughter

Have you guys been participating in #PrayerDare this month?

I have.

I was sceptical first. You all know I'm in the first steps of my life-long walk with the Lord. Well add that and the fact we were praying for our husbands, which I don't have, and I got it in my head that I couldn't do this. Some how I wasn't allowed to join this community of women.

I was 200% wrong.

I started praying for my future husband  Yes, I left totally silly at first, but looking back on the last 28 days I can honestly say it's given me so much perspective.

Sitting everyday and asking God to provide my future partner with the traits and skills that are important to me, has allowed me for the first time in my life to know exactly what I want in a relationship.

I know what I want from a partner, and who I want them to be. I understand it is highly unlikely that I will never find that exact person, but I do know God has been listening to my prayers and he has picked out the perfect one for me.

Now I just wait.

How did #PrayerDare help you this month?
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Holly said...

That's lovely. I am so glad that you found hope and peace in your prayers.

Robin said...

There is probably a man out there right now who is wishing for someone like you. That's what I learned after I finally met my husband (I was the one single friend for several years).

- Robin

A Royal Daughter said...

Helen I'm so excited that #PrayerDare was meaningful for you in February! What a great thing to do for your future husband! Such a great gift to give him someday.

helen_eel said...

Thanks for organising/hosting it all Amanda! You truly are a blessing.

helen_eel said...

Thanks for the encouragement Robin. I know the right man will come along :)

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