I'm Learning Patience

I've talked about this word - patience - so often recently that in a way its lost all its meaning.
I am being patient. I'm waiting. Waiting for my moment, my time to stand up and be counted.

Most of you will know that I still don't have a job. I'm at 8 months of unemployment and starting to go stir crazy. Then an opportunity came along, one I encouraged by sending out a few simple letters.

After speaking to the Job Centre and learning that I can volunteer/do work experience as long as its not all day everyday; I still need to have sufficient time to look for jobs, or write blog posts! I started writing some letters.
Basically they said, I am unemployed  but qualified, experienced, but not in the primary sector. Please take me on, I won't ask for anything, I'll work my little butt off and do absolutely anything you want me too.
When I pushed them through the post box I really didn't expect anything. Schools are busy places and it can sometimes be more trouble than its worth taking a volunteer on.
Then 48 hours later, thank you 1st class post, I got a phone call from a school. The school I was desperately hoping would ring, offering me work experience; the staff there had already picked out the class I am going to help.
It worked. My patience and perseverance finally paid off.

I had a meeting with the school yesterday. I start helping in class in 2 weeks.
I just thank God for the opportunity. I don't know what big plan he has for me, but I'm on the path and finding my way.

Another girl who's finding her way is Yaya from Dream it Darling. Stop over and say Hi, she's a sweetheart!

I've known Yaya since she first started blogging. She may still be a 'newbie' in this world of ours, but she has something important say. If you go over to her blog, you'll find the beautiful soul of a day-dreaming Texan expat living in the UK. Now leave here and go say Hello!

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Miss Yaya said...

Patience is definitely a virtue, and as cliche as it might sound - good things do come to those who wait!

You'll see that this opportunity is going to be a very good one for you and will open many more doors ahead.

Yaya xx

ps thanks for sharing me w/your blog friends!

Holly McDonald said...

Good for you! Patience is one of those virtues that I am still working on too. =)

Miss C Flash said...

All the best for your work experience. God has something in store for you ;-) x

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