Weigh In With Me

So you all know that one of my New Year resolutions was to lose a little weight, well so far its going good. I lost 2.2lbs this week!

I need support though, I have my Mum, but I need you guys too. Now I don't believe in the word 'diet', oh no, I'm just making better choices with what I put in my body.

I'm starting a link-up - 'Weigh In'.

Its going to be once a month on every 3rd Tuesday {next week is the first one}.

You don't have to want to just lose weight. You can link-up if you want to lose, gain, maintain, have an exercise challenge/goal you want to reach. This is all about support, its not if you get to your goal, which would be great, but its about the fact that you are trying. That's the first step after all!

These are the rules:

1. Follow your host and co-host {want to be a co-host? Click here}
2. Link-up your actual post, not just your homepage.
3. Talk to us! Tell us what you goal is, what you have done this month to reach your goal, have you set yourself any mini goals to reach each month? What your progress is this month. Is there anything we bloggers can do to help you over the coming month?
4. It would be great if you could grab a button and place it on your post.

5. Share! Let your friends know that this is happening.

Don't forget to come back next week {15th} and link-up.

Did you check out my 1st every vlog? I had SO much fun making it.


Kirstie said...

Well sone on the 2.2lbs! I did 1.5 this week.
Are you doing it via WW?

jess said...

So excited for this!

Devon Riesenberg said...

Great challenge! I need something like this after I give birth and need to lose my baby weight ;)

Newest follower via the GFC Blog Hop!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Great job, love, keep up the good work :)

ramsaygrace said...

Congrats on losing weight so quickly! I just stopped by to thank you so much for linking up with Tuesday's Prayers. Please know that prayers of blessings, protection and love are being sent your way. I'm now following and look forward to reading more. Have a great day! :-)


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