Weigh In {A Link Up}

The time has come Ladies and Gents.

This link up will be once a month on every 3rd Tuesday.
Initially I am going to be focusing on weight loss, but anything goes. If you need to gain weight, or have a fitness goal you want to reach. Link up and we can all offer each other support. You can read the full intro post here.

Its time to be honest....

As of this morning I weigh 243lbs. Ideally, thanks to my petite body frame I want to be around 110lbs, but I'd be happy with anything within my healthy BMI range. 

It's been 2 weeks since I started doing FMP with gusto, and although I went a little of track this past weekend I'm managed to lose weight every week. I'm not seeing a difference in my clothes yet, but I know that will come.

If your on the weight loss road with me, I warn you, its a long one. Its a road I'm sure we've all taken many times before, and this time I will get to the end. 

Say bye, bye to this girl.

Now it's over to you. I can't wait to read your stories!

1. Follow your host and co-host when there is one. {If you'd like to co-host go here.}
2. Specific posts only. No home pages, or shops.
3. Write about your goals, old and new and keep us updated about your progress. We want to celebrate with you.
4. Go and say hello to a few bloggers. Show them a bit of support.
5. I reserve the right to remove links.

PS: There are $100 worth of goodies to be won in Kendra's giveaway, including ad space from me!


Kristin Cho said...

Very excited to be linking up with you darlin! Wishing you so well on your journey and happy to cheer one another on =D

Kristin Cho said...

Very excited to be linking up with you darlin! I'm wishing you well on your journey, and happy to cheer one another on =D

Deanna Martinez said...

Good for you!! I'll be linking up next week!

mary_smith said...

I think it's fantastic that you're working to get to a healthy weight, not jusy "skinny."
I've been there snd I feel so much better niw with tons of energy! Good luck and looking forward to seeing your journey

The Better Baker said...

Thanks so much for the invitation to join you. I linked up my Healthier Option Salisbury Steak. Appreciate your transparency - best of wishes in your weight loss journey. I have been trying to drop lbs. for a long time with no success, but I keep trying. Encouragement and support is very important on this 'getting healthier' road.

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