The Day I Bought WAY To Many Books

I think I finally did it. I never thought it would actually happen, but it has, I've overloaded on books.

Not really, I could never overload on books, but I probably did buy too many on Friday.

I haven't blogged for 3 days! Normally when this happens I feel like the blogging gods are going to shoot me down with lightening or something, but this time, I haven't cared. Even Facebook hasn't been update and Twitter's not been that much better.

So what have I been doing?

The answers; reading, crocheting (I finally taught myself), baking, having coffee dates, staying away from the cold outside. What have you been doing?

I loved this little unplanned blog break. I feel like I've lived this weekend and not via the internet.

Coffee date with Mum and our friend Karen.

 It snowed! Its still snowing..... #needtothawoutsoon

Isn't it lovely when wine gives positive messages? #valentines

 Cute vases I got for £1.99 #bargain

 My first ever attempt at crochet. I'm not entirely sure what it's going to be but I'm SO proud of it.

I told you I bought too many and I'm sorry you'll have to have your head in a weird position to move this, but I couldn't adjust it #stupidthingwouldntletme
Lucky I got all these from charity shops #abookloversfavouriteplace

I would love it if you could pray for my neighbour. She is in hospital and could really do with your prayers.


Stephanie said...

I think blog breaks are often necessary and allow you to rejuvenate and come back with a fresh mind. I need to spend more time nurturing my mind with books. One of the things i am hoping to achieve this year is to learn how to knit; my skills in crochet are pretty basis. I hope you've been hanging on with the job hunt

Thanks for your comment on my guest post at Vanisha's

xo Stephanie

Kimberley Tobin said...

There's no such thing as too many books :)

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

I agree with Kimberley..I think it's impossible to get out of a bookstore (the ones we have here always have a sale corner) without a book in hand every time. It takes a lot of self control.:)

ramsaygrace said...

Praying for your neighbor {for a speedy recovery}, and that she returns home quickly. I just have to add how much I LOVE that picture of the snow. It reminds me of a postcard, or a movie setting, and makes me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and a great book (I love them too). Thanks for linking up with Tuesday's Prayers! Praying your day is blessed!

Chrishelle Ebner said...

following from the GYB hop. Very cute blog. Love your pics. I am a part time blogger, so if you see more than three posts in a row, you might think I've gotten myself fired:)

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