Sunday Confessions

Its been a while since I confessed to you all so here goes nothing.

I haven't prepared for my interviews next week. I can hear my old teachers in my head saying 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail'. I will get round to this, I have interviews on Tuesday and Thursday next week. I have already printed all the policies off, I just need to read through them. Getting round to this one today!

The pile of fabric/zips/pins/glue/needles on my desk. If you watch my vlog tomorrow you'll understand what I mean when I say my desk is a MESS. I have 22 card/coin purses to make. I have 5 weeks to make them, but as the ultimate procrastinator I will leave it until last minute. Sewing party anyone?

Tomorrow's vlog link-up. Is going to be so funny/scary/real. If you watch it tomorrow you'll be able to see my varying emotions throughout the day. I've always hated watching myself on camera and disliked the sound of my own voice {don't we all?} Actually though, today, I kind of fell in love with myself {no, I'm not that vain} I've watched it back and realised that I may be far from perfect, but the Helen in that vlog is what you get if you meet me in real life, and I'm OK with that.

Paper mache cups are so hard to make! Seriously, don't even try it. I thought it would be a cool little craft, get a bit messy, but end up with a gorgeous vintage looking product at the end of it. Instead I had a mash of wet sticky paper. It was going great at first!

Nearly a week into successful healthy eating. Giving myself a pat on the back right now. I've not cheated once and for my that is a record. I'm doing MFP if any of you are friend me. Come back on Tuesday and see the 'weigh in' link-up I'm starting.

I just told you about my week. Reading this back they are not really confessions, but hey I have a vlog to edit!

Do you have anything to confess this week?


Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

I remember paper mache at a craft class long long time ago. I struggled a lot with it. It was the painting part that I enjoyed the most. :) Hats off to you with the needles. I try to stay far away from them whenever I can. :) My confession, I've been a lazy bum all weekend. I had to write down goals on my journal to get myself to move. Have a great week Helen!

Katrin said...

My desk is always a mess, it is so terrible. :)

Nifty Thrifty Mom said...

Following from the blog hop. I would love it if you would swing by the Nifty Thrifty Family sometime.

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

I love this! You are simply ADORABLE! Hope that the first weekend of 2013 was good to you. :) Just popping over from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Come say hi sometime! XO!!

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