Oh how I dislike that word. Its the word I find hardest to stick to in life; what's your 'difficult to stick too' word?

In terms of my future my patience is being severely tested.

Remember I went to those interviews last week? Well I didn't get either of the jobs. Reason, lack of experience. I have over 3 years in school experience and 6 years overall working with children, what more do they want!?

I know its the job market. There are so many people going for every job that employers can be picky, and choose the best of the best, but its just not fair!

If I was 5 I'd be throwing myself on the floor right now, but I'm not I'm 25 and I have to find some way to deal with the rejection, loss of hope, loss of faith, and find a way to be patient.

"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." Joshua 1:9

I don't know about you but I've been getting the daily e-mails from #SheReadsTruth and following their Fresh Start bible reading plan on YouVersion.

On Thursday evening I got out my notebook, and opened YouVersion on my phone. What I read was exactly what I needed to hear.

"All things work together for good." Romans 8:28

We lose patience and we lose faith, but you have to remember that there is one person that however much faith you lose in him, he will never lose faith in you. God knows you're beautiful inside and out, and he knows your time is coming you just have to be patient. Listen to what he is trying to tell you, pray for guidance and it will come. It might not be immediately, you might even have to wait a year, but it will come, just believe that.

I've learnt more about community in blogging over the past 3 weeks than I did throughout the whole of last year. On Friday morning I woke up to the sweetest e-mail from Trinity. She had prayed for me before the interview, and I knew that if I told her how I felt about not getting it she'd know just what to say. She did:

"I'm so sorry to hear about the job.  I know, from experience, how frustrating it can be to not get a job you want....especially when you've been praying about it.  
The good news, and I believe this with all my heart, is that He has something BETTER in mind for you!  We don't know why that job wasn't the one, but we have to trust that He will take care of everything.
Sometimes I think that He uses these situations to show us other opportunities around us.  

I'm going to continue praying that you'll find a job.....THE job, and specifically that He'll open the doors to opportunities around you, and help you find that exact place that you're supposed to be."

All it took was this, and my faith that he has something better planned was restored. I'm not saying its not difficult sometimes to get up in the morning, sit writing applications that might not even get a reply, and have a seemingly endless amount of hope, it is.

I do it though because I know that through patience and faith I will have the future meant for me.


When you lose faith what do you do to 're-gain' it?

Any application form filling in tips?


ms.composure said...

stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

yes...i think god test with patience the most! i know i have struggled with that in the past and i STILL struggle with trusting him and just being patient.

New follower via email! :-)

Danielle Carroll said...

All things do work together for good! Keep your head up, my dear. The Lord has great plans for you! I look forward to reading your journey in the weeks to come. The right job is out there :)

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

God always has a perfect timing for everything. I only realize this now looking back. If I had been hired by the company I was applying for then, I would have missed the opportunity to attend my sister's wedding and be with my family for Christmas. I do believe He has something better for you. Your happiness means a lot to Him.

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