The Drawing Board


There is nothing scarier than a blank page. You sit and stare at it willing yourself to think of something creative to write, draw, or paint on its stark pages.

I'm back at the drawing board, sitting next to you, struggling to make sense of the picture in my head.

I seem to becoming back to this place a lot lately. My drawing gets so far, and then gets erased, only to leave that page, mockingly waiting for my next move. I don't know the next move.


that's OK. I don't need too. All we both need to know is that we can make mistakes. We can mess up the page so all the white is gone, filling every available space with mistakes. The beauty of sitting at the drawing board is that there is always an eraser. 

Make a mistake, rub it out, pick up the pencil and start all over again. 

I see you there sitting next to me.

Welcome back to the drawing board.

NB. I turn 26 tomorrow. When did I become a grown up?

2 Ingredient Dinner - Houmous Chicken

Yep, that's right, you can have a delicious dinner on the table in 20 minutes using only 2 ingredients.
I don't know about you but I always seem to have a pot of half-eaten houmous in the fridge that needs using. I can't remember where I first saw this idea. Whether it was Pinterest or a foodie magazine it doesn't really matter, it tastes amazing.
I first made it for Mum's birthday in July, and I was going to post the recipe {if you can call it that, it's so easy}, immediately afterwards, but life gets in the way.
Speaking of life, I hope yours is brining you everything you could ever dream of. I feel like I need a major catch up with some of you; I am getting round blogs again, slowly but surely.
Since Dad left finances have been pretty tight. Mum only works part time, and both M and I are unemployed {fingers crossed for the interview tomorrow!} Not only is this recipe simple, easy, and healthy. It is also cheap and uses up any left overs you have in the fridge.
I used plain houmous for this, because it is what I had, but any will do. Try it with garlic, red pepper, onion, see which flavour you like the best.
You want around 1 tablespoon of houmous per chicken breast. Cover the breast, wrap loosely in aluminium foil, and cook for 20 minutes on Gas Mark 6. I served mine with just a simple garden salad, but you could try a pasta salad, potato salad, or even bake off your own potato wedges.

The girl who believed she could change the world


There was this girl who was lost.
Lost in her own head and the world around her. Lost in her situation.
She spent months frantically searching for something to find meaning in, and eventually opened the bible that lay dusty on her shelf.
It changed her.

In that moment the girl felt just what it was like to be loved. She wanted to exude that love. She wanted to forgive with love. She wanted to love the sinner. It just took her time to realise that the sinner she needed to love the most was herself.

The girl started on a journey. One that would wreck her from the inside out. She knew it was going to be painful, but she could already see glimpses of beauty when she looked in the mirror. Her journey even took her to a different county, and back again. The journey made the girl see herself through God's eyes, and sometimes she didn't like what she saw.

The journey ended and the girl started to change. She forgave, she let all the hate out of her heart, and she learnt to wait.

The girl made contact. She asked for help. She built a community around her. She felt safe.

The girl could see the future, and it was shining bright.

The girl felt loved.

The girl is me.


Well here I am, off on another new adventure.
Every time I plan to go somewhere else I remember two things;
  1. How privileged I am to be able to do this for a job.
  2. How much I love escapism. I do believe that's down to books.
Seriously, I think I could have been an escape artist the way I climb out of places when I've soaked up enough. If you had the means would you be the same?
I love home, and Sheffield will always be home, but there is so much more.
Some people say that I haven't done anything with my life because I don't have a partner, and I've never had a full-time job. Sometimes I believe their negativity, but most of the time I look back over old photos and e-mails and realise that actually I have done a lot with my 25 years.
I've travelled, not the world (yet), but I have travelled.
I've met so many wonderful and colourful people.
I know this is going to sound so incredibly big-headed, but I've touched lives.
I've been accepted.
I'm sorry if this post is getting a little deep for a Wednesday morning, but adventures put me in this mood.
My little brother was getting upset the other day because he was so worried about his future it was overwhelming him; he's 18. I'm sure like me you were thinking about Uni at the age, but were you thinking about having to make as much money as possible to support yourself in later life? I think now. It sadden me to see him put himself under so much pressure. Yes, the future is something to think about, but it will also still take it's course.
Maybe I should be a little more worried about the future, but for now I'm still young and I'm adventuring.
See you in Holland.

It's time to grow up......kinda

Finally, I'm back!
Seriously guys I'm so happy to be back. I'm sure, in fact I know, we have so much to catch up on.
What has been going on with you? If there is anything I need to read or know leave your link in the comments.
So, lets talk about how this new design came to be.
I needed a change, in life, and on here. I felt like I'd lost myself and lost the blog. I hated writing it, it makes me cringe to say this, but I was writing it to keep you here and eventually I begrudged you for that. Working over the summer meant I had the perfect opportunity to take a break, re-think what this space was all about, come up with something new, and learn to love it again.
I honestly think I had the best designer. Adriana from Horses of Ares was incredible. She really took the time to get to know me, and what I wanted this blog to represent. After our consultations I felt like I finally knew what I wanted to get across.
What do you think? Thumbs up?
I wanted this space to grow up. In the last 3 months I have grown up, and the blog needed to grow with me. If you don't already know I managed to get a job; in Holland. Tomorrow I get on a flight and move to a different country, to live with a family I have never met, and look after there children. I couldn't be more excited.
In the spirit of this new blog I took to social media and asked the question:
"What makes you feel like a child again?" These lovelies answered.

Erin @SweetnessItself “ummm Christmastime.”

Jessica @Jessicaebersole “sounds dumb but when my Mum took care of me when I was sick and excitement for birthdays.”
Natasha from Serenity You “My kids, and reading.”
Jen from Grits and Moxie “I still wish on shooting stars, and the first star I see at night. I even sing the song.”
Britt from Sunny Tales & Happy Mail “Well, speaking of Peter Pan and in the world of Neverland, then I would never be lactose intolerant.  My Peter Pan moment would be always being able to drink chocolate milk. I'd also be dressed in a tutu, dancing to "that's amore" over and over by Dean Martin, preferably in the rain or sprinklers.”
Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos “Listening to my kids laugh.”

This blog is going to represent the new me starting the life I've always dreamed of, and my Peter Pan side is coming with me.


I'll be honest friends, it feels strange writing on this space again. I have missed you all, but I have been around, checking in, and keeping up on what you have been doing.

Most of you know that a completely new blog {I think the only thing the same is me and the name} is in the pipeline. This weekend it is all going to happen, so if the blog looks weird for a few days that's why.

Anyway, I was going to save my first post for the 'launch', but this is FAR more important.

When (in)courage were looking for bloggers to help raise $74,000 for Mercy House in Kenya I knew that this was far more important than my launch.

So here we are (in)mercy launch day and the beginning of phase 1.

So before you close the page and go off to read another blog. We are not begging for money. Yes of course if you have some spare cash this month to help this wonderful cause it would be greatly appreciated, but if all you can do is promote then that's great too. 

Phase 1 - $8750 for a new van.
Phase 2 - $8500 for a new classroom.
Phase 3 - $1600 for a new generator.
Phase 4 - $2150 for a computer lab.
Phase 5 - $53000 towards a second Mercy House home.

We're on phase 1, and we need another van because:

"Save time, fuel & keep it safer for transporting moms/babies. With 12 teen moms, 12 babies, 2 housemothers, a social worker, accountant/assistant and director, we have to make multiple trips to church, the doctor, and everywhere in between each week since our one van only seats 15. Our director, Maureen, commutes to Mercy House and is on call around the clock for expectant moms. With a second vehicle, we would be able to have one van always available at the home and a second free to run errands and take expectant moms to appointments. This would save time and fuel and make it safer for transporting our moms and their babies."

If you can donate the widget is on my sidebar, and if you can't there are some buttons you can share too.

It would be so amazing if we could raise this money by Christmas.

Have a great day.

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