The Countdown Has Begun

If you've been around facebook or twitter lately you'll have already caught on; I am Christmas obsessed!

Every year its like this. December the 1st rolls around and Helen goes crazy.

We don't put our decorations up until the 14th; family traditions. That doesn't stop me creating a winter wonderland in my room. Its a space that is 100% mine and I can just let it snow in there.

The thing is I've got behind this year.

I'm a day late with my decorating. Santa forgive me!

I haven't written my Christmas wishlist blog post. There is a valid reason for this.
We're going to have a conversation:

You: Why didn't you write a blog post yesterday or decorate your room? It's Christmas. Get on it girl!
Me: Ok, ok, I have a valid reason. I met Santa.
You: Right.......surely that should make you feel more Christmassy.
Me: That's the problem it did. I went on Christmas overload. After seeing Santa and going to two Christmas fairs I couldn't do anything else. I sat for the rest of the day and watched Christmas films. I may have cried once or twice too.
You: I love you, but you're so weird!
Me: I know. I need to decorate........

So there it is. The Christmas countdown begins NOW.

Mum, if you're reading this. Here's my wishlist. Its only small. I really don't ask for a lot.

Craft Goodies
Books. In any shape or form.
 Even book wallpaper will do!

You may not be able to get this one for me. 
A job.
For me this Christmas is extra special. You all know that I re-started my journey with God at the beginning of this year. Its the first time in a long time that I'll be celebrating it with the true meaning in my heart. I'm looking for guest posts about your journey with God; past, present or future. Interested? Contact me.

Another thing, did you see my sidebar? Hello new followers! I'm so happy to have you join this crazy little family.

Can you tell I'm full of cold and really tired? This post makes no sense!

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