Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget to tell you what's been happening over here. I do a project and then forget to post about it, or I take part in a swap and don't link up.

Its not that I'm a naturally forgetful person, in fact I'm super organised. Its just sometimes I forget I'm a blogger. There's those posts with no photos and the ones that make no sense.

This post is a mis-match of everything I've forgotten to tell you lately.

I took part in a nail polish swap hosted by Katlyn. I got the most gorgeous polishes and card from my swap partner, whose name I cannot remember....oops! Sorry! I did love my nail polish though, look I'm wearing it.

Her favourite brand is Kiko, one I'd never heard of. She sent me a greenish rock-top polish, you know the kind that have that crack effect. I was excited because I hadn't tired one; its so awesome! I also got (I was spoiled) a holographic polish which I am in love with. Check out the sparkle on this guy.

I got prepped for Christmas, well a little. Blinged out pegs and present tags were on my making list. Double sided sticky tape is my friend. Its so much easier to use than glue when applying glitter. I love a beautifully wrapped gift, even more than the present sometimes!

I need to make it to the post office today, like need. So many parcels to send out! People have to get their presents and they are going internationally. Yes lovely friends, you may be getting a gift from me this year. Surprise!

I probably forgot more stuff but hey ho.
What have you forgotten to blog about lately?


Jennifer said...

Those pegs came out really cute.

Katlyn Larson said...

Oh those colors!!! :) I have never heard of Kiko either! I'll have to look into it. Thank you so much for participating! xo

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