Secret Santa

Back in October I signed up for my first ever blogger secret Santa. In fact I signed up for two.
This one was hosted by 3 very lovely ladies who I would like to say Thank You too. They coordinated the swap brilliantly and were always available to answer questions when I wasn't sure what was going on. Good work  ladies!

I was secret Santa to Jen over at Its a Blondes Life. After reading her blog several times I just knew I had to get her something pink, girlie and oh so cute! I actually got all my gifts from Italy, when I was over there recently, I thought this would be a lovely touch to the secret Santa experience.

This morning I found out who my secret Santa was, Rebecca from Taylor Made Happiness.
She sent me the sweetest e-mail:

"Hi Helen, 
How are you? I am Rebecca and I blog over at Happiness is Taylor Made and I am your Secret Santa!!
I hope your presents arrived safe and sound and you like the gifts that I chose for you. I love your blog and have been reading along quietly over the past few weeks, now that you know I am your Secret Santa I will start to follow properly and comment away. 
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year, 
take gentle care
PS - although I live in London now I am a Yorkshire lass too ;) "

Her gifts just confirmed what I believe, that our blogs are the true representations of ourselves. She bought me gifts that I don't even think my best friends would have got me.
Thank You Rebecca. There may have been several squeals of delight whilst I was opening the package.

Lots of pretty packaging and candy canes! I actually received this the morning of an interview and saved it until I got back. I didn't get the job, so opening the package was a lovely thing to do.

You all know about my obsession with books. Well I adore a company called the Literary Gift Company. Rebecca just happened to get me a brooch with my favourite ever Virginia Woolf quote on, "books are the mirrors to our soul."
I was also lucky enough to get some nosewarmer punch, which is like a pre-made spice mix for apple cider. It tastes great with apple juice, but somehow even better with Jack (Daniels that is).
Then a cheesecake recipe book. In love! I haven't actually made anything out of it yet, but I will do over the Christmas period.

Thank You once again Rebecca, I couldn't have been a happier recipient.

I'm off to reveal myself to Jen, in a non-nudity way!


Jennifer said...

WOW...what a great gift!

Jenstar_Blonde said...

Hi!! I just want to say thank you so much for my gifts!! I had absolutely no idea who my secret santa was and it was a fab suprise! I am going to really enjoy getting to know you! Thanks again Helen i loved all my gifts and i am still wondering how you made the tissue holder?!?! Its so cool!! Haha!

Jen xxx

Michael Z said...

"She bought me gifts that I don't even think my best friends would have got me."

Now that is an appreciative comment! Glad you liked your goodies!

Leigh said...

Ooh that pin is so neat! Love that quote!

Helene said...

what a neat!! she really did a fabulous job!!
Helene in Between

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad that you liked your gifts! Have a wonderful Christmas Helen.

My-cliffnotes said...

That mix sounds delish, I love Mr. Jack.

Thanks so much for linking up.


Janna Renee said...

This is a testament to Rebecca's care in choosing your present and that you are real when you blog to have such a great representation of yourself. I am so happy that you three got to participate and rep the UK! Thanks for participating and Happy Holidays! xoxo

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