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I know there's been so much going on recently what with Sandy Hook and everything, and I feel so selfish saying this, but man I feel rubbish.

I don't know if I have the flu, or a virus or just a common cold but I really wish it would go away. I don't think my lungs can take any-more coughing. 
I shouldn't be blogging, as I'm doing it out of boredom, but I need something else to focus on.

Sorry for the self-pitying rant. I feel much better now!

By the Porchlight
It's month 2 of literary junkies. Here are the questions are in bold if you want to join in.

1. What are you currently reading? Tell us about it.

I'm reading 'Redbird Christmas' by Fannie Flagg. 


Its another charity shop buy. I couldn't resist it with Christmas in the title. Its about a man who lives in Chicago and is told by a Doctor that he won't last out this Christmas unless he moves to a warmer climate. This Christmas will also be his last. Happy sounding isn't it?!
I'm only 1 chapter in, as I've only just started it after finished 'Book of Souls' recently.


It seems to be about people helping each other around Christmas with love and companionship. Something I think the world could do with right now..

2. If you could choose any author in the world to write a story based on your life, who would you choose to be the author? Why?

It would have to be a mix of Shakespeare, Dickens, Emily Bronte, Michael Faber and Scarlett Thomas. They could write a chapter each. 

3. Tell us about your favourite place to read.

There's a tree in my local park that I love to sit under the in the summer. Right now I like reading curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate.

4. What books would you buy for lovers of a) suspense/mystery, b) chick-lit  c) comedy, d) literary fiction, e) non-fiction, f) classics? (You can choose how many of those subcategories you want to talk about.)

Suspense/mystery - 'The Last Dickens'
Classics - Anything Shakespeare, 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Great Expectations'. You know I'm a classics girl!

I hope your all having a great Christmas period so far. I'm determined to get rid of this cough by tomorrow!
Any getting rid of cough tips?


Taylor @ Goings on in Texas said...

Ohh, I hope you get to feeling better! I love Ricola lozenges for coughs. And they taste good. ;)
I love that you wrote about having several authors each writing a chapter for your life. :) Great idea!! Thanks for linking up!!

Daliene said...

Hi Helen,
I am home super sick too!! :( I went to the Dr. and she said I have a virus, but my ears hurt SO bad :( You know you are sick when your head hurts too much to read! Fun to find you from the linky. Get well soon

Rebekah @ Living && Learning said...

Taylor is right Ricola is my favorite for helping coughs! I just got over the nasties, I hope you're feeling better!

I love reading outdoors! Now if the weather would just cooperate!

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