DIY Party Feet

Who wants to think about budgeting at Christmas? Not me that's for sure. The annoying thing is that if you plan now and manage to save a little you'll reap the rewards later.

Saving on clothes is important and achievable over the holiday season. We all have parties to go to, and people to see, but it really doesn't mean you have to spend a fortunate.

I've never been great with money, in fact I got myself into loads of debt that I'm still paying off. Luckily I learnt my lesson early on, and although I'll always struggle where money is concerned, I now truly appreciate its value.

So back to clothes.

Charity shops. I completely love them! Some people are scared to go in them. OK sometimes clothes can smell a little musty, but a quick wash is nothing when you can grab some bargains.

Something else I've been trying lately is customising. I'm sure you've all seen the glittered toed shoes on Pinterest, well I had a go.

They went from this.

To this.

Toe close up.

What do you think?

Personally I love them (well I would!) I feel like I'm got a brand new pair of shoes and its cost me nothing. 

The I tried something I haven't yet seen.

Sequin straps.

An old pair of black pumps, get an upgrade.




What do you think?
Which pair is your favourite?

I think mine has to be the sequin straps. 

Are you going to update an old outfit for Christmas?


Ally said...

I love the sequin straps as well! There's nothing better than being able to spruce up old items.

Kim @ HappyPrettyBlog said...

Pretty! I love finding new life in old things!

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