Blog Angels Mid-way Link-up


I love helping people, and after doing one round of blog angels I was 100% up for another. This time its been harder, much harder.

First time around we were paired up with bloggers we were going to help out. This time, and a lovely touch that Rosie added, is we got to choose our own blogs. Blogs we'd personally like to help.
In the end I choose two. Who I can't reveal just yet, but I can tell you what I've been doing to help them.

Commenting, and big time, all the time, every. single. post.
Pinning images to Pinterest.
Giving some social media lovin'.
Both their buttons are also on my sidebar. I know you're looking right now and trying to guess!

In the final two weeks I want to contact my blogger a little more via e-mail I think. I'm trying to come up with new projects for the coming year, and I would love for them to be involved.

Have you ever been a part of blog angels? What is your favourite bit?

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Ally said...

Not too sure what the whole blog angel entails, but either way it seems like you are helping out some fellow bloggers. What a nice thing to do! Look forward to hearing more about this.

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