A little different than before

I was so inspired by Erin's post on the subject that I've decided to write my own. This is how blogging has changed me.

I've been blogging for 14 months now and I've grown so much. I even think my personality has shifted slightly, in a better way of course.

I now look back at pictures from University and I don't even recognise the person staring back at me. I feel guilty that the friends I made there never knew me, because this girl wasn't me.

Well she was, but she wasn't
I was never myself, never felt I could be myself; which is a reflection on me, not the people around me.
Blogging has enabled me to finally understand who I am and carve out a future for my true self.

I've become less selfish. Thanks to bloggers like Ashley. I realise that no matter how little you help, its the fact that you do that makes it so special.

I've realised the importance of family.

I've sorted myself out financially. Well to the point where I am paying things off and not spending more.

I've become more creative, which lets be honest, is mostly down to Pinterest. My projects rarely go 100% to plan, but I'll still keep sticking my fingers together with a glue gun, as long as there are projects to try.

I've started to accept myself. This is an on going project with me and I can't ever say that I am fully going to love myself, but I'm trying. I know I need to lose weight, and get fitter, but I also know that is going to a long road; one with many trails.

I've learnt the importance and awesomeness of human kindness. In a world of wars and hate you have shown me this. I can't even begin to count the amount of times you've lifted my spirit just before it falls, and I hope I have done the same for you.

I see the little things. I see the sparkle in the snow, that if you squint hard enough can be mistaken for the most beautiful diamond. I see the smile on your face as you walk past me on the street. I see the beauty in every single day.

I'm more excepting of people. I'm less judgemental and sometimes, just sometimes I keep my opinions to myself.

I never used to be much of a picture taker and now I document everything.

I've changed my mind about wanting children. Damn all you mummy bloggers out there.

I re-connected with God. I needed and wanted this to happen even before I start blogging. Its thanks to lovelies like Laura, Julie and Erin that I've been given guidance.

There are so many other ways that blogging and being part of this community has changed me. Ways that I may not even have discovered yet.

How has it changed you?


jess said...

Awww, I love this so much. I've definitely noticed a change in me since I started this blogging thing. You are such a beautiful person and an inspiration - keep growing and learning, girl! {hugs}

Claire Davis said...

I love this. Blogging has made me more aware of myself as well. It's a good place to be :)

Mama Leigh said...

I really love this. I have always found writing to help me grow as a person and better understand myself. I think blogging takes writing to an entirely new level because it is out in the open for people to read. It helps you rethink what you write and how you feel and ultimately become a better person. Thanks for sharing your journey :)

Ally said...

I love this post as well! I think it's wonderful to be able to see how far we've come and be able to have our blogs to help us document our journeys.

You've inspired me to write my own post about this.


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