Saying Goodbye

You're all going to think I'm crazy writing a post about why its so difficult to say goodbye, when the thing I'm saying goodbye too is this...

...that is was our caravan.

You'll have heard me talking, here and here, about my last few weekends there.

Its a weird feeling. I can't even really say that I'm that upset. I guess the fact that we've left for good hasn't hit me yet, part of me still feels like we're going to go back in March.
I've grown up there and my little brother was only 2 weeks old when he first went, he's 17 now!

I know this feeling of emptiness isn't going to last, and I know the caravan is going to the right place; my Aunt is having it.
I also know that this is the right thing to do. It was a family decision and factors like time and finances came into deciding its fate.

We have been extremely lucky to have a holiday home only 2 hours away. If we couldn't afford a holiday one year, the caravan was there to provide a couple of weeks at the beach.
I learnt a lot there. Best friends were made and lost. First crushes were had and I will always have fond memories.
That's all they are now, memories. Thank goodness they last forever!

Last weekend Mum and I went for the final time and visited some of our favorite places.

One of my favorite shot of the North York Moors.

 Yorkshire quality is always the best!

Hello I'm Helen and I'm a bookaholic.

Pickering Parish Church

Walkway up the North York Moors Station platform.

Alms houses at Thorton-le-dale.

Yes I'm going to miss going to these places, and if I ever want to go again hotels and lots of planning is going to be involved, but its not forever.

Honestly the only thing I'm feeling right now is that I need to thank my Mum and Dad for buying the caravan in the first place and enabling me to have all these happy memories.

What do you find, that's not people, related hard to say goodbye too?


BeaumontGirl said...

Your blog has wonderful pictures, it's the first thing I noticed! Following you :)

themosbysinchina said...

I love the color of it!! Sad you have to let it go, but atleast it's still in the fam! And wonderful it will be a blessing to your Aunt.

Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

Love the photos. It's always hard to say goodbye to something precious with a lot of happy memories.

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