Recently I've been going through a phase of not feeling so lucky.
I've not really expressed it on this blog because I'm not very good at opening up and well, you might think its slightly weird when I say I don't believe in luck.
How can you feel unlucky and not believe in luck right?

I've been feeling the whole world is against me. Even Italy didn't turn out like I wanted to too.
I mean I had a great time and seeing these beautiful faces again was 100% worth it

but after going to the schools I just felt empty. I felt like I was guiding myself down a path that was totally the wrong direction.  So I'm not going to teach in Italy. I know the opportunity is always there, but for the moment its not the right path for me. Its taken me 4 years to work that out.

Then I had a revelation. Actually Mayra caused me to have a revelation  Do you remember the pay it forward posts that were going around a while back?
Well Mayra sent me something. It was supposed to support and guide me through my journey to Italy. It hasn't done that, it's done something a whole lot better.
It's given me my hope and faith in God back.

How good is that drawing!? I can't believe how much it looks like me!

I know the path I'm supposed to be going down, and its been there all along. I have no idea why I've been fighting it for so long, but its time to stop. My University friends and family would groan when I say this (I am always changing my mind) but......I want to be a teacher. Its what I'm good at, what makes me feel alive, and what I'm destined to do.

I feel so lucky.

I've literally just come back from a job interview. I'll here the outcome later today.
I'm confident though that whatever happens will be for the right reason and I'll be happy with it eventually.
I've finally got some direction in my life back and I'm moving forward.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Arni @ Travel Gourmande said...

I'm so happy for you that you have found your calling. It's amazing how the blogging community is able to guide and share in God's orchestrated plan.

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