Home-made Crisps

If your like me and would take something savoury over chocolate any day, then you are going to love this.

I adore crisps, seriously adore,  and when you're trying to watch your weight this isn't a good thing. This is until I discovered you can make crisps in the microwave. Seriously people they taste damn good! You can put whatever flavourings you want on them, but I like mine with just a little bit of salt.

1 potato yields loads of the little crispy things. All you have to do is peel it, slice thinly (use a mandolin), place on a plate and put them in the microwave for 4-6 minutes.

I do have a couple of tips though:

Spray the plate with cooking spray first so they don't stick.
Try to keep all the slices uniform so they cook in the same amount of time.
Watch the microwave. They vary so much in cooking times.
Don't overlap the potatoes, they will stick together. You'll have to do them in several batches.
The plate will get hot the longer you keep using it. I say this from past experience.

Do you have any 'naughty' snacks you've worked out a healthy solution too?


Amy said...

looks crispy & tasty!!I have tried this microwave recipe earlier,super easy!

Catherine said...

O wow, these look super pro! I have always fancied making my own potato crisps. I like 'crisping' up veggies like leeks or spinach- I space them out on a baking tray with a touch of oil, sal, pepper, chilli, garlic, whatever, then cook on a high heat until good n crisp. Mmm :)

jennycute said...

YUM! Crisps are my downfall. I joined slimmingworld before and picked up lots of good tips about making things heathier. I think the low calorie spray oil, instead of using regular oil is a massive way of making things a bit healthier :)

Milex said...


-Kinsi- said...

Ah, but of course! I've never thought to do this. I usually bake mine in the oven with butter... which Lord knows is still dangerous. But tasty, regardless.

-Kinsi- said...

Ah, but of course! I've never thought to do that. I usually bake mine in the oven with butter, which Lord knows is still dangerous. Dangerous, but delicious.

Ally said...

What a good idea. They look pretty yummy. I'm sure they can be baked as well, right? Gotta say though, I'm a sucker for chocolate! ;)


Dalayna Dillon said...

Hey there! Thanks for linking up with the Not Quite There Yet link up. I am loving meeting new girls that is in the same place in life. Hope you can make it back to link up again this week! If you are interested in co-hosting the link up in the future some time let me know, I would love to have ya.


Bunny Girl said...

Looks so yummy, got to find me a potato.


Sarah Evans said...

This is an awesome idea - just another reason to get myself a microwave :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

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