Friday's Letters


Dear blog friends, your comments round here lately have been lifting me more than you'll ever know. It is your continuous support and love that drives my dreams and motivation. Dear Mum, please don't be too upset about Christmas. I know the whole family isn't going to be together this year, and we're separated from the boys, but don't let that upset. The people who caused this have no right, but you have made the correct decision. It's not up to you to stand down and be unhappy, its up to other people to stand up for you. I know you think I put too much pressure on you and this whole situation. I apologise if you feel like that and I am trying to stop, but just know that it comes from love. Dear bank, it would be great if you could kindly donate £1000 out of the goodness of your own heart into my account. It is Christmas after all. Dear Christmas, hurry up already! You know this is my favourite time of year and the wait is killing me. PS: please make it snow :) Dear people who have jobs available, give me one! I'll work hard, honest. Dear family, dinner's going to be late tonight. I want to trial run hassleback potatoes before Christmas, but I've left it a little late in the day. I promise they'll be worth it!



anna lizbeth said...

yay for christmas coming!! I am sure the husband will be fine waiting for the good food that is coming his way :)

Svenja said...

Hi Helen,

I found your blog via the Adventurers Friday letters :)

Love your post & couldn't agree more with you that the bank should have a donation day -- just in time before Christmas!
Love your blog & am your newest follower :)

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